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My job/ $$$ situation is very not good right now. I'm looking for work, but my money is running out (money that's mostly from maxing out my credit cards to get by) and I have a lot of bills to pay (student loans are killing me). If something doesn't change, I don't know how I'm going to pay next month's bills, much less the months after.

I'm not looking for a hand-out, although I'm not so stubborn to refuse help offered, but I want to earn it... so as a personal 'Stimulus package' ;)  and one way to hopefully generate some work/ $$, I'm offering sketch commissions at $5 and $20.

Keep in mind the $5 sketches are pencil sketches and not fully refined illustrations. Additional characters beyond the first figure will be an extra $3. (Like "Sleeping Boy"
Sleeping Boy but maybe a little rougher lines.) *Also, if you want a further development of the sketch to fully detailed and/or color in the future, the cost of the sketch will be discounted from the full illustration's commission cost.

The $20 digital color sketches are more detailed, although still 'sketchy'. (Like my "Jason"   painting 

but perhaps a little less refined.) They can include a simple background, and are basically a 'rougher', sketchier version of my standard digital painting. $5 for each additional figure beyond the first.

The subject can be an original character or one from your favorite movie, anime/manga, TV show, videogame, etc., or even just a generic "mage casting a spell" or "girl with a gun"; I'll even do still-life illustrations or single objects (swords, jewelry, pottery, whatever).

However, please include reference images or links to them for characters from media sources. The less time I need to spend researching a character I'm unfamiliar with, the more time I can put into your commission. And if you have a specific look in mind for your original character, please include any necessary references for them as well.

All content is limited to a PG-13 level, maybe a low R rating. I won't do explicit sexual content. But sensual, tasteful nudity and "intimacy", particularly Slash (or shounen ai, yaoi)(since I do prefer drawing men), is acceptable.

**Some content I will not do: Explicit sex, underage sexuality, excessive gore, etc. Basically, be reasonable.

(All commissions are delivered in high-resolution digital format, 300 DPI or higher, even if created by pencil.)

If interested (or if you have info for me about other, steadier work), more info can be found on my page at: 
needesigns.webs.com/ where there's also more info on my commissions in general. I also have a slash/yaoi-oriented site here: neerealm.webs.com/ And my deviantArt gallery: neemeister.deviantart.com/

If you can't help and just like my art, I'd be happy to be friended. Moral support may not keep the bills away but it is valuable to me too. :)

Thanks :)



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