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artistsupport's Journal

Artist Support
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A community created in order to help artists in financial need.
What is a 'starving artist'? A starving artist is an artist who sacrifices material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes towards art projects. Some starving artists desire mainstream success but have difficulty due to the high barriers to entry in art such as visual arts, the film industry, and theatre. These artists frequently take temporary positions (such as waitering or other service industry jobs) while they focus their attention on breaking through in their preferred field.

This community was created to help artists from all walks of life. You are able to tell your story and ask for donations or offer your artistic services in exchange for money to help you survive. Artists, and fans of artists are more than welcome to join. Please read the rules before posting!

What you are allowed to offer as a "starving artist"

- commissions
- prints of artwork
- things you own (though you might want to use other selling communities or eBay for that)

You are more than welcome to offer nothing at all, and just ask for donations and put a Paypal donation button in your post.


1. DO NOT make judgements on anyone in this community. This is a drama free and hate free community and we value and respect people from all types of backgrounds. Do not belittle anyone, do not make assumptions.

2. BE HONEST. Whether you need money to pay bills, buy food, or even buy that Nintendo Wii you've been oogling, please be honest about what you're going to use the money for. It doesn't have to delve into anything too personal, just be as truthful as you can with what you need money for. Don't say one thing and use it for another, donators won't do that to someone who's not truthful.

3. All posts should be on topic with the community. Anything off topic is subject to deletion. Since this community is about pleading for donations because you are an artist trying to make it in the world, or you want to offer your services, all topics should be about that!

4. USE LJ-CUTS! If you have large images, or a lengthy wall of text, please put it under an LJ-CUT!

5. Please refrain from advertising other communities that do not pertain to the interests of this community.

6. When posting, please be sure to link your website that has examples of your work. Whether you only want donations or you're doing commissions, you MUST have some sort of site that shows you ARE an artist.

7. We ARE NOT responsible for the transactions made in this community. Please do your research on the artist before making the decision to donate or purchase a commission from them. ASk them all questions before sending your money to them, turn around times, etc.

If you commissioned someone here and they are not answering your emails and you haven't gotten your commission at a time you both agreed upon, we are not held responsible, but please let us know and we will ban them from using this community any further. You might also want to report them to artists_beware.

8. Back and forth bickering will not be tolerated. State your point and let it go. If the moderator recieves multiple complaints about a member, that member is subject to being banned with no warning.

9. If you delete your journal, you will be removed from this community and be required to rejoin if you reactivate your journal or create a new one.

10. No comment screening or deleting comments. That is up to my discretion. If you are having issues concerning your post, either delete your entire post or email me.

11. You are allowed to post Paypal donation buttons, but please do not post personal bank information or anything like that. Please include what forms of payment you'll accept.

12. If any member of the community has a question or concern, please email me at ljartistsupport [at] gmail dot com