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My job/ $$$ situation is very not good right now. I'm looking for work, but my money is running out (money that's mostly from maxing out my credit cards to get by) and I have a lot of bills to pay (student loans are killing me). If something doesn't change, I don't know how I'm going to pay next month's bills, much less the months after.

I'm not looking for a hand-out, although I'm not so stubborn to refuse help offered, but I want to earn it... so as a personal 'Stimulus package' ;)  and one way to hopefully generate some work/ $$, I'm offering sketch commissions at $5 and $20.

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Thanks :)

$10 Plastic Canvas Badge SALE!

Holding a $10 sale on my Plastic canvas badges, which normally are about $25.  If you snag a spot, i'll also toss in a simple beaded zipper pull or phone charm.  Funds are going towards food / recent hospital bill.

This is a first come first serve for  10 slots at $10 (estimate round $3 to $5 to ship out, all come with a tracking number.).  Once i ok you for a spot i'll give you my paypal to send funds over so i can begin ^^

To snag a slot please Feel free to comment here on my FA journal here:www.furaffinity.net/journal/1321723/ or send me a note on my FA   http://www.furaffinity.net/user/rizzyrau    If there is more interest than these 10 i might open  more once i get these finished.

Depending on how quickly i get interest i plan on doing these within the next 2 weeks and shipped out. They only usually run me a few hours to make. They come with a pin sewn into the back allowing you to attach it to a lanyard or to shirt whatever you'd like so it looks free hanging. I can also attach a magnet on the back if you wish to put it on your fridge

The badge of your fursona would be very much done up like these, if you'd like to be holding something simple please let me know. Examples:


Thanks for looking!

1. Iatro - On Hold

Art Prints or Originals

I have a few completed artworks in the "Island Art Series" - available as hand-colored prints, or originals. All prints will have mat boards. Check here for a few of the artworks, and let me know if you're interested:


Donation Commissions

Hi. ^-^'  So, I'm expecting a baby in June, and I'd like to save up some cash to buy baby stuffs!  So I'm doing commissions for donations.  Yup, whatever you want to pay!

:star:The List:star:
(Busts or Full body)
(Simple or no background)
Pencil lineart
Traditional inked lineart
Traditional colored
Digital inked
Digital flat colors
:bulletblue:The Limits:bulletblue:
Up to two characters
No yiff/porn
No detailed nudes
:heart:The Pay:heart:
I prefer paypal, but can also do check or money order. No concealed cash! If you want traditionals shipped please add $2 to your donation for a photo mailer! Please inform me ahead of time if you are going to want the originals! Cardstock is expensive to just scan from. ;) There is NO MINIMUM (though a .01 donation would be a waste of everyone and paypal's time ;P)!
:bulletgreen:The Process:bulletgreen:
Just note me what you want, and how you'd like to pay (the method not the amount). Of course include if you want originals or not (I'll even give original sketches for digital pieces!) NO TIME LIMITS PLEASE. I'll offer sketches for approval. When I'm done I'll notify you and you can send however much you like. I'll post a watermarked version to DA (and FA if its' furry) and send you the unmarked version to the email you provide. If you'd like to see the full version before determining how much to donate, that's cool. =3 There are no slots! First come, first serve, but please try to be patient. Even though I'll be making time for this, I AM still pregnant and still working 13 days on, one day off.
Pencil Lineart: [link] [link]
Traditional Inks: [link] [link]
Traditional colors: [link] [link] [link]
Digital Inks: no examples at this time...
Digitial colors: (flats only no shadows) [link] [link] [link]

Feb. 9th, 2010

I'm selling this fursuit head, because it's too big for me and I just don't have the money to buy a body suit for it.
I could really use the money towards my big move out of state, so please bid or spread the word!

I hope this isn't against the rules, I'm sure there are artists in Haiti.
Please see how you can help many people in need!
I'm in need of some scratch to move. I'm running an adult art auction on furbuy. Please consider sending some funds this way and grab some smokin hot art while you're at it. It feels good to be good and better to be bad. ;)
I listed some original ACEOs for sale, have a look!
Not really art related, and if this is out of line I'll delete it! :x

I'm getting ready for a big move in Jan. so I'm selling a lot of my figures and plushies.
i'll be listing a few more in the coming days, so keep checking back!
GO LOOK http://www.furbuy.com/seller/Mottenfest.html

Aug. 21st, 2009

Tools of the trade: Inks, Markers, Photoshop

Welcome to commission information, if there are any other questions that I fail to address here, feel free to ask!

-Free shipping in the USA!
(Additional characters and backgrounds cost extra)
✖One character in inks: $10 and up Example
✖One character in Photoshop(digital)*: $15 and up Example
✖One character in markers: $20 and up Example, Example (with more characters)
✖100x100 pixel icon: $10 Example
✖Convention Badge: $20 Example Measures approx. 4x3 inches. These come laminated and ready to wear!
~Special $5 Sketch: Example

*Printable (High Resolution) version will be sent to commissioner via email.

-I require I be provided with image references or a very well written description of what is being asked of me (although I prefer an image reference). I reserve the right to post the finished product as I please, but the purchaser may choose to remain anonymous. A customer may choose not to have the original mailed, but simply own a high resolution scan, this is perfectly fine with me. I will sketch the general idea out, then with the approval of the client, finish the image. I will not start the drawing until I am paid.

How much does it cost and how does one pay?
Well, this depends on what exactly you want. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to pricing. Just email me and we can discuss it. Shipping and handling is paid by the customer unless noted otherwise. Shipping is determined by where the purchaser lives and what is being mailed. Payment methods are Postal Money Orders, Paypal, and well hidden cash (cash at your own risk!).
--Tips are highly appreciated!

Thanks for looking!