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Aug. 21st, 2009

Tools of the trade: Inks, Markers, Photoshop

Welcome to commission information, if there are any other questions that I fail to address here, feel free to ask!

-Free shipping in the USA!
(Additional characters and backgrounds cost extra)
✖One character in inks: $10 and up Example
✖One character in Photoshop(digital)*: $15 and up Example
✖One character in markers: $20 and up Example, Example (with more characters)
✖100x100 pixel icon: $10 Example
✖Convention Badge: $20 Example Measures approx. 4x3 inches. These come laminated and ready to wear!
~Special $5 Sketch: Example

*Printable (High Resolution) version will be sent to commissioner via email.

-I require I be provided with image references or a very well written description of what is being asked of me (although I prefer an image reference). I reserve the right to post the finished product as I please, but the purchaser may choose to remain anonymous. A customer may choose not to have the original mailed, but simply own a high resolution scan, this is perfectly fine with me. I will sketch the general idea out, then with the approval of the client, finish the image. I will not start the drawing until I am paid.

How much does it cost and how does one pay?
Well, this depends on what exactly you want. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to pricing. Just email me and we can discuss it. Shipping and handling is paid by the customer unless noted otherwise. Shipping is determined by where the purchaser lives and what is being mailed. Payment methods are Postal Money Orders, Paypal, and well hidden cash (cash at your own risk!).
--Tips are highly appreciated!

Thanks for looking!


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