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Donation Commissions

Hi. ^-^'  So, I'm expecting a baby in June, and I'd like to save up some cash to buy baby stuffs!  So I'm doing commissions for donations.  Yup, whatever you want to pay!

:star:The List:star:
(Busts or Full body)
(Simple or no background)
Pencil lineart
Traditional inked lineart
Traditional colored
Digital inked
Digital flat colors
:bulletblue:The Limits:bulletblue:
Up to two characters
No yiff/porn
No detailed nudes
:heart:The Pay:heart:
I prefer paypal, but can also do check or money order. No concealed cash! If you want traditionals shipped please add $2 to your donation for a photo mailer! Please inform me ahead of time if you are going to want the originals! Cardstock is expensive to just scan from. ;) There is NO MINIMUM (though a .01 donation would be a waste of everyone and paypal's time ;P)!
:bulletgreen:The Process:bulletgreen:
Just note me what you want, and how you'd like to pay (the method not the amount). Of course include if you want originals or not (I'll even give original sketches for digital pieces!) NO TIME LIMITS PLEASE. I'll offer sketches for approval. When I'm done I'll notify you and you can send however much you like. I'll post a watermarked version to DA (and FA if its' furry) and send you the unmarked version to the email you provide. If you'd like to see the full version before determining how much to donate, that's cool. =3 There are no slots! First come, first serve, but please try to be patient. Even though I'll be making time for this, I AM still pregnant and still working 13 days on, one day off.
Pencil Lineart: [link] [link]
Traditional Inks: [link] [link]
Traditional colors: [link] [link] [link]
Digital Inks: no examples at this time...
Digitial colors: (flats only no shadows) [link] [link] [link]


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